Black Economic Empowerment (BEE)

Abbeydale Status

Abbeydale is currently a level 7 BBBEE contributor. We are striving to be a level 6 contributor within the next 12 months.
Akhane Construction has achieved a level 4 and is currently undertaking projects to improve this level even further

The challenge

To drive business opportunities for Previously Disadvantaged Individuals in South Africa.

The business contribution

Under current South African Government policy, Previously Disadvantaged Individuals are given preference in the allocation of government and large-scale contracts. This policy, known as Black Economic Empowerment (BEE), endeavors to repair the inequities of South Africa's past apartheid regime. BEE charters are now being applied across many sectors of the local economy and large companies now have prescribed target quotas for procurement from black-owned businesses. Back in 2004, Abbeydale started its own BEE initiative. This initiative allowed all Abbeydale employees to participate and share in the success of our business. The initiative is also successfully transforming Abbeydale's supplier base to better reflect the country's demographics.

Maandamahulu Primary School

The Abbeydale Group has been fortunate to assist in the upgrading of the Maandamahulu Primary School. This school is located east of Polokwane in the Limpopo province. It is headed up by Mrs. Nellie Magidi and ten dedicated teachers. They are helping to educate 430 children of which 40% are orphans.
Each schoolday every child in the school is fed from a soup kitchen donated by Abbeydale. The orphans are also given food during the holidays and weekends. Constructed and equipped in our yard, this self contained kitchen providing for these less fortunate children, became a reality when delivered on 7 March 2009.
The department of education would not prioritise computer studies for the school. The Abbeydale group have therefore stepped in and provided a secure facility in order that computer education can become part of these children's lives.
Facilitated by Sun Ace SA, Abbeydale have been proud to assist the Maandamahulu Primary School.

Way forward

After we have reached a level 7 we will continually work on improving our status on the way forward. BEE procurement targets will remain a future priority for Abbeydale. Abbeydale is also seeking to align its internal processes more closely with the latest South African government BEE legislation

Abbeydale BEE scorecard certificate

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